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Grav Vehicles & Grey Day (2 for the price of 1!)

From: "Barclay, Tom" <tomb@b...>
Date: Thu, 14 Sep 2000 23:24:07 -0400
Subject: Grav Vehicles & Grey Day (2 for the price of 1!)

1) Grey Day

I still have all the cards and docs in word format. Los and the con
have between them lots of pics. I have battle descriptions from many of
players. I even have started the AAR, but then life carried me away
life - work - you know...).

I am working with Los on this years CanAm FMA game. I also have an event
run at Autumn Assault hereabouts. But, if everyone is patient, I will
eventually get the AAR and cards and whatnot made webifyed and then I'll
post it off my homepage. 

All of this has been hampered by my move to the boonies and the loss of
BW links to my ISP. I have plenty of space... just a small pipe to the
(dial up... yuk!). That will be remedied in either Dec or Jan. 

So, patience will be rewarded. I also have pics from other con events
run at previous Autumn Assaults and on with our gaming group and
descriptions to go up when I get access to a scanner. Darn NT and its
poor USB support.... 

2) Grav Vehicles

Traveller went on this line of thinking: As tech increased, air vehicles
more heavily armoured for their own protection and ground vehicles
more mobile. Once you had grav tech (same tech used to take ships into
orbit), you basically had flying tanks. These tanks were not slow (some
could do 1000 kph) and they were heavily armoured (enough to take hits
guns equivalent of DFFG/4 or so I'd guess). And loaded with sensors.
Essentially, when power and grav tech were there, planes boats and tanks
merged into one vehicle. 

I think from reading the GZG literature that human grav tech isn't high
enough tech for this model. Probably your tank can't get above about 2
metres. If you let it be 5m, I know I'd want to do popups from behind
buildings etc. in SG2 or DS2. 

Probably such tanks can be orbitally dropped, but require the same
and protection as dropping a wheeled or tracked vehicle. This seems to
with St.^3 Jon's model of how-things-work.

Now, in my version of the GZGverse, I'm treating KV grav tanks in DS2 as
more heavily armed/armoured VTOLs that can switch into a ground hugging
and operate as a normal tank. Something to make the humans tremble. 

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