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Re: [DS2] Grav dropped vehicles...

From: "Mike Miserendino" <phantom15@h...>
Date: Thu, 14 Sep 2000 17:15:11 -0500
Subject: Re: [DS2] Grav dropped vehicles...

Brian Bell wrote:
>What house rules do people use for Grav vehicles being dropped?
>I see three possibilities (there may be more) depending on the
>PSB used for grav:
>1) Grav units may be inserted from orbit (as size 1 vehicles are).
>Grav drive allows the unit to slow and maneuver as it flies to
>the ground.
>Using this PSB, grav vehicles should operate as VTOLS or
>even aerospace craft as desired.

Interesting idea...kinda like Centurian - Renegade Legion.  I would
such a feat only to be capable with more advanced mobility / flight
Perhaps add some additional cost as per aerospace vehicle to account for
additional performance, control, environmental protection, etc.

>2) Grav units any size may be paradropped. The unit's Grav
>drive becomes more efficient as it gets closer to the ground
>and uses it to cushion/slow the fall, but cannot "fly".
>Using this PSB, a grav vehicle should be able to make a
>pop-up attack (ala Stargrunt).

That's something I miss from Centurian as well...varying flying heights
grav vehicles.	Of course, it would just become a restricted mobility
with lots of firepower and improved defenses.

>3) Grav units are as restricted as any other vehicle in drops.
>PSB: same as #2, but with a far greater diminishing returns curve.

In order to make them balanced, I would see high costs for this
such as an advanced grav drive type that allows limited VTOL capability.
Here's some ideas:

Advanced Grav Mobility
* Cost: 750% of BVP (somewhere between VTOL and aerospace)?
* Gound Hover Mode (normal) to / from NOE / Low Mode (tree top) costs
* Cannot perform high mode as VTOLs. (though this would be a good
limitation - maybe allow orbit drop only as a controlled deceleration
not intended for full flight capability)
* Maximum movement is the same as grav.
* Travel mode may be performed in NOE with the same restrictions.

Other thoughts...
* Gun depression angle from dorsal mounts - what can I see when looking
* Ventral weapon mounts - full bottom coverage.
* Improved ventral armor - same as side armor?


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