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Re: Salvo missile escalation

From: stiltman@t...
Date: Thu, 14 Sep 2000 09:57:38 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Re: Salvo missile escalation

> Stiltman's anti-missile tactics are valid, but one word of caution:
> >3.  Low-power plasma bolts.	If you've ever played Star Control II or
> >think "Kohr-Ah ring of fire" and you've got the rough idea.	It works
> >on capital or super ships.  The details involve two (preferably four)
> >Class 1 plasma bolt launchers, that alternate turns in ones or twos
> >covering the area around the ship in low level plasma in order to
> >incinerate missiles.

> When you use this tactic, you need fighter superiority as well
> (Stiltman usually has fighter superiority, of course!) - particularly
> Interceptor superiority. It is *extremely* annoying, not to mention
> painful, to have your anti-missile plasma bolts shot down by enemy
> fighters before they can take the missiles out <g>

Heh... my thought process on this particular tactic is largely
anyway.  Although it _is_ true that I pretty much always have fighter
superiority if I want it, decoys are my missile defense of choice for
non-cloaking vessels.  I only have one design (the modern DPR) that has
a Kohr-Ah plasma ring on it at all (four PBL-1's), and that's only there
as a last resort in case thirty six hangar bays' worth of fighters and
non-FTL decoys can't hold off missile attacks long enough for the DPR's
main armament of eight PBL-7's (plus assorted beams) to reduce the ships
launching those missiles to their component atoms.  :>
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