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Re: [OT] - Hmmm... an idea has sprouted!!!

From: Brad Carlson <7sg@l...>
Date: Sat, 09 Sep 2000 23:06:05 -0700
Subject: Re: [OT] - Hmmm... an idea has sprouted!!!

I think this would be great.

If there is a FAQ (and if there isn't, there probably should be) that
could the
place for it.

There is obviously a lot of FT stuff floating around in member websites
rings, but having one place for key list info, FAQ, links, etc. can be

Other lists, for other games, have even put up summeries of arguments
reoccur in the list on such a page, so that the next time ("Oh, no! --
not the
'Are martians really green thread' again!") you can cut it short and
send people
to read what has been discussed before.

Just one newby's opinion...


"Barclay, Tom" wrote:

> Hi all
> You know, Laserlight made a good point (what I expect from Chris, even
> sympathies to the South of Mason-Dixon...*wink*) about the list being
a tad
> daunting to its newest members. Here's an idea....
> Why don't we (the body of the list) who want people to understand our
> backgrounds use the wonderful tool known as the World Wide Web to
create a
> web page with a brief Bio of the listmembers.
> This could serve multifold purposes:
> 1) it could be refererenced in the intro mail that all of us get when
> sign on --> and it would give someone new a context for who they are
> to
> 2) it could be of great interest even to existing list members who
want to
> learn more about their fellows
> 3) it could provide another player location device (though I'd still
have it
> link to the Player Location Page)
> What do you think? GoodIidea? Bad Idea? Waste of Time?
> If it seems like a good idea, maybe someone (okay I spoke first...)
> look into it. In general, I think it would mean sending out one brief
> suggestion on the types of info sought (generally things like games
> play, experience in the gaming or game design field, age perhaps,
maybe what
> your alter-ego does in the non-Tuffleyverse). Then of course, the
> (volunteer) would take this info, format it up nicely, and post it all
> said web page.
> So? What say you, brethren and sistren? Or is this another
> TomFlightOfFantasy(tm)?
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