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Re: [OT] Starship vs FT

From: Glenn m wilson <triphibious@j...>
Date: Sat, 09 Sep 2000 09:56:48 EDT
Subject: Re: [OT] Starship vs FT

My Credentials:

FT: NONE  8^)

Stargrunt - None on this game but I have been playing with board
since 1959,  Toy Soldiers (plastic $1 bags, then model kits ) since
whenever, military miniatures per se since the end of the 1960's
(seriously since about 1971/1973,) and computer wargames since 'cassette
tape' computers were the norm (year?) but now I stick almost completely
to miniatures.	

Dirtside 2 - almost memorized the rules, collecting 1/300th-1/285th-6 mm
figures for the game and serious lurker on several lists where it is (at
least as much as I can make it) discussed.

Other Science Fiction - Starguard since a friend had Edition 1 - I own
edition 5, over 30 years this game has kept going.  I love it for SF
skirmishes.  I was looking for something for more 'battle' and less
'skirmish' oriented which led me to DS 2.

Historical/Fantasy - not relevant directly but I started with
(ACW board game in, IIRC, 1959) and went to Fantasy with the publishing
of Tolkien's trilogy in the USA. SF was the last of the three.	I have
still the original white box set for D&D, even though the wife and I no
longer play FRPG's.

Generally - I am a Regional Analyst for National Imagery and Mapping
Agency which is a member of the USA INTEL community (came out of
Cartographer in DMA, a DOD support agency until it was absorbed by the
INTEL community.) 

The above and a dollar will get you cup of coffee... <grin>

Gracias, Triphibious/Glenn
Triphibious Marines = Nektons.
Not all Frogs are French, or even Human!
Nektons, be all the Marine you can be!
Resistance is EVERYTHING!

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