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Re: (fwd) Review of a new wash technique for miniature figures

From: Brian Burger <yh728@v...>
Date: Thu, 7 Sep 2000 22:07:10 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Re: (fwd) Review of a new wash technique for miniature figures

On Tue, 5 Sep 2000 wrote:
> Thanks for posting this tip, I may have to give this a try.  Since my
early days
> or painting, some of the local pros were able to give me some valuable
> regarding washes.  The key seemed to be the use of a "medium", some
sort of
> binding agent combined with the paint to help it adhere to the
miniature.  I use
> an art supply called "Matt Medium" which is water soluble.  I've also
used dish
> washing liquid in a pinch.  One interesting point, the Matt Medium is
sold in
> other varieties gloss and the like.  I plan to experiment with these
at some
> time as well.  Good luck and thanks for the tip.

Gloss Medium makes great water for tabletop rivers and the like. Three
four coats over a black/blue painted surface look 'wet' enough. I built
ten feet of modular river this way - I'll have to either scan them or
pics & scan soon.

All kinds of Medium should be available in any art supply store and many
craft stores.

Brian - -
- -

> Allan Goodall <> on 09/03/2000 02:19:59 PM
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> Subject:  (fwd) Review of a new wash technique for miniature figures
> I saw this post in I've never heard
of this
> before, but I'm going to have to try it.
> If you do washes on your figures, you'll know the worst part are the
> The paint doesn't all drop into the cracks of the figure. I suspect it
has to
> do with surface tension of water and its viscosity. This technique
sounds very
> cool, and someone else posted that it's not new; this other guy has
been doing
> it for years. I've never seen this, though.
> Note, I haven't tried it, yet. But the technique certainly looks
> Any of you have experience with this?
> On 03 Sep 2000 16:07:25 GMT, in
> (ChickLewis) wrote:
> Hello, fellow figure painters.  I believe I have finally found the
> "wash" for miniature figures.
> A few weeks ago I admired some Boxer war figures of local painter here
> Southern California.	"Dow the Programmer" told me how to make his
> Wash", and I have been trying it out recently.  I am stoked by it. 
Magic Wash
> blows the doors off of every other wash technique I have ever used !! 
And it
> is so inexpensive as to be negligible !!  And it is easier than most
> wash
> techniques !!
> This will start to sound a bit hokey, but bear with me, I am
definitely not
> kidding around.  Here is the recipe:
> Buy a bottle of "FUTURE acrylic floor finish for non-wax and regular
> by
> Johnson & Son.  In the U.S. it comes in big 800 ml (72 ounce) clear
> squeeze bottles for about $7, and was available in both supermarkets I
> checked.
>  This is more than I can probably use in a lifetime.	The clear liquid
> is slightly more viscous than water.	I imagine there are similar
products in
> other countries, and I recommend that we identify them.
> Pre-mix some of the FUTURE, one part of acrylic finish to four parts
of water.
> This is the Magic Wash stock.  I made mine up in a liter sealable milk
> Making a clear stock up ahead of time allows the small bubbles which
> result
> when mixed with water to subside over time.
> Devote one brush to be the Magic Wash brush.	I don't know if this is
> necessary, but it seems safer to me, since the formula of the FUTURE
finish is
> different from those of our acrylic paints.
> When you are ready to use it, mix a little of the Magic Wash stock
with a
> small
> amount of your chosen pigment.  Stir it with your brush, don't shake
it.  I
> have successfully used inks and acrylic paints as pigments.
> Brush over your figures and allow to dry.   It dries just about as
quickly as
> acrylic paints.
> It sucks the pigment right down into the crevasses and keeps it there.
> Doesn't
> let it "osmose" back up.  And the high areas remain remarkably clear !
 I have
> used black, dark brown, and light tan (for white marble).
> And Magic Wash even gives a hard protective coating !!  It's not too
> but
> a final coat of dullcote often makes the figures look better to my
> What DON'T I like about it?
> Well, I've mentioned the little bubbles, with a method for avoiding
them.  The
> only other "problem" is that, if you tend to lick your brush while
> the stuff tastes TERRIBLE !!	So I have given up that habit when using
> Wash.
> I highly recommend that you try this wash.  Let us all know what you
think of
> it.
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