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Re: Starship! Stands

From: Brad Carlson <7sg@l...>
Date: Thu, 07 Sep 2000 19:58:40 -0700
Subject: Re: Starship! Stands

"Brad" will do. I spend too much time playing with toys to be "Mr.

Yes we will sell the bases. $5 each, which is a no-profit price for us,
to make
it less expensive for people to get into the game.

The base is 3"x3"

The stand is 6 section x ~3" each.

No flexi-top. Each ship we sell will come with a mounting nipple.

The flexi-top issue is an interesting one. During early playtests, we
had a
more detailed z-axis movement system, with tilting ship models. Looked

But it was all a bit fiddly. And the playtesters response was "
now tell me what I need to hit!"
The third dimension was fun (they said) but only if they didn't have to
around with it too much to make it work.

That is why Starship! is now the only true 2.5D space combat game.  ;)

As for figs, we have two fleets now, and more on the way.

I do the casting myself (resin, the same stuff we use for Pirates!, not
brittle grey stuff). The biggest ships are pretty big (larger and more
than the Superior line). Details to be on the website soon.


Brian Bell wrote:

> Greetings Brad (Mr. Carlson)!
> The game looks interesting. Perhaps I will pick up a copy if I can
> up the funds.
> Even if I stay within the FT game, your game should provide ideas.
> Are you going to sell the flight bases seperatly? How close are they
to the
> Moondragon telescoping stands. From the pictures they do not seem to
> the flexible top (of the Moondragon stands). How long are the
> and how many extentions are there?
> Are you going to release a miniatures line to go with the game? If so,
> will be casting them and distributiing them?
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> Brian Bell
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