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Re: Gencon UK 2000 Results

From: "Paul Radford" <paulradford@i...>
Date: Wed, 6 Sep 2000 20:08:22 +0100
Subject: Re: Gencon UK 2000 Results


>Paul, good results page!

Thank you :)

>I had a question about the Circle of Death tournament. It sounds like
didn't go all that smoothly. Any comments on that?

Certainly. It could have been a bit of a disaster but it was recovered
dice rolls.. Firstly, you get a target card for your ship (A) and can
shoot at that ship (B) as well as the ship (C) that is shooting at you.
the target (B), get their target card and so on. Now what happens if you
kill the ship (C) which is shooting at you before you kill you're target
(B)? That ship (C) is someone elses target (ship D). Does the target
from C move to D? Thats a bit confusing but i hope you get the idea.

Secondly, two players drew each other as targets. Target cards were kept
face down until firing was announced in order to add tension to the
This seemed to be a good idea. Nobody knew who was coming for them. A
drew B
as a target. B drew A as a target. They can only shoot at each other as
are both each others target and the ship that is attacking them. When
one is
destroyed, the other has no target to fire at because the passing on of
target card means they have to shoot at themself!

It has been suggested that a GM allocates the target and the hunter of
ship. That would solve the problem.

>We actually turned two people away from our FT tournament because they
never played before. With only 2 judges and 15 players, we didn't have
enough time to teach them the rules. It also wouldn't be fair to other
players to have someone go up against a novice in a double elimination
tournament. Did you find many novices asking to get into the

We had a mixed bag really and it was a little unusual. Of the ten
who entered, 3 of them had not played before (The Andy's, Dave ??, and
Ballard), and one had played for the first time during the Deathmatch
the previous day (Richard May). The rest had various experience. I would
myself, Oerjan, Paul Grogan and Bryan Ash were the most experience based
what i knew about the players. We didn't turn them away as we wanted
to make a better tournament. Nobody seemed to mind that they were
and that some of us could get an easy ride so to speak. It was necessary
Charles only to really keep an eye on any games where both sides were
novices. That only happened once (during round 2). Everyone was in high
spirits and willing to help out their opponents if they were a novice,
giving them truely helpful hints and tips up to a point to be fair. I
truely say that everyone who had to face a novice player didn't really
advantage of them. Everyone was more interested in having a good game.
an interesting point that all the novice's got through the first round.

On the way to winning the Fleet Action, i certainly didn't have an easy
path. Round 1 Oerjan, Round 2 Paul Grogan, Round 3 The Andy's (novice's)
finally Bryan Ash in the final!

On the miniatures front, only 5 people Charles (2 fleets), Oerjan (2
fleets), Paul (3 fleets), Bryan (1 fleet) and myself (2 fleets) had
miniatures. Thus, unless anymore players came along with miniatures, we
literally restricted to 10 fleets.

>I noticed that the KV fleet didn't do that well in the tournament. Any
comments on that?

Best to see Oerjan's comments on this.


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