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irish question

From: "mark and staci drake" <thedrake@p...>
Date: Wed, 6 Sep 2000 09:31:14 -0500
Subject: irish question

After reading thread on what power that Ireland is part of, I have a
question on this.I am working on an idea for the Irish Guards regiment
in a
campaign setting,taking place in the Gamma Serpentis system (check out
Nyrath's FT galactic map--this system borders both NAC and ESU
this regiment is part of NAC and is involved in combat (read
vs.ESU forces.My question is that since this regiment is currently part
the British army (as one of the 5 currently active Guards regiments)
would it still be considered part of NAC in this universe?
What sayeth the list? Or Jon?

      Mark "Quis Separabit?" Drake
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On Fri, 1 Sep 100 03:08:27 GMT wrote:

> I prefer the model of the "Lenin". Look at the description: IIRC it's 
literally described as "shaped like a bottle of port"... <

Where did you see this? I've never found a description of the President 
class (and I've looked -- or I thought I had) except the comment that 
the big ships (above BC size) would be cylindrical or spherical to 
maximise volume. Other than that, there was only a drawing that 
accompanied "Building TMiGE" in Galaxy, which could have been the 
Lenin, but was of a long, skinny _conical_ ship with a dirty great fin 
on the back!

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