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Technical Pens, Polystyrene & You

From: "Iranon of Aira" <iranon_hpl@h...>
Date: Mon, 04 Sep 2000 23:17:31 PDT
Subject: Technical Pens, Polystyrene & You

I have a question for one of the countless modeling experts (scale, not 
fashion!) on the list:

Technical / engineering pens are mentioned in the Painting FAQ as an
way to do black-lining.  Are they equally effective on both primed minis
regular model plastic (I'm guessing it's made out of polystyrene)?

I recently picked up a couple of snap-together 1/144 scale Gundam Wing 
mecha, and while I'm too lazy to paint them, I'm convinced that black- 
lining around the armor panels would add a lot, and tech pens seem the 
easiest method.

I'm looking for recommendations.  What brand should I get if I'm looking
an inexpensive, widely-available (in the US) technical pen that won't
on (unprimed, unpainted) model plastic?

Incidentally, these kits are pretty nice.  About US$12 for a 5"-tall
robot.	They seem about right for Stargrunt, but I'm more interested in 
utilizing them in Full Thrust for Super Dimensional Fortress Macross

Thanks for any assistance.


"Meditate upon exile, torture, wars, diseases, shipwreck, so that you
not be a novice to any misfortune." -Seneca

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