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[FT] I've found my second (was Re: [FT] arcs in vector )

From: Beth Fulton <beth.fulton@m...>
Date: Tue, 05 Sep 2000 14:40:33 +1000
Subject: [FT] I've found my second (was Re: [FT] arcs in vector )

G'day guys,

Laserlight replied:
 >NAC, NSL, or ESU--I don't think FSE is feasible.

Thanks for that.

 >You left the "h" off "wench"; I can't figure out what the "mai"
 >is ("maiden"?  No, that can't be right...).

My mother is still in denial... ;)

 >You might qualify as a damsel, though.

Are you suggesting I'm distressed or distressing? ;)

Allan bravely stated:
 >>Oh and if anybody else is still listening to this thread.... I need a
 >>second... any volunteers to come to the aid of a mai... wenc... lady
 >>need? ;)
 >*L* I would, but I don't have the spare time or the requisite

Fighting the desire to comment on the deeper meaning of Allan's gallant 
reply I'll just say thanks for the kind thoughts anyway Allan ;)

Finally John came clanking in armour shining, horse snorting:
 >Is this a design it yourself or a FTFB
 >genaric? I would prefer the DIY.

I think Tom initially suggested FTFB as a ground, but Laserlight has
suggested we figure out ours and they could base theirs on that. So DIY
not be too much of an ask (between the lot of us I'm sure we should be
to come up with two sensible forces here).

 >Need a second, that's my calling!
 >I may be number 2, but I'll try harder.

That's what I like to hear dedication and enthusiasm ;)

 >(And by the way, I would be careful with that
 >"...Lady in need." line. It could lead to a
 >lot of trouble with those who have an overactive
 >imagination. ".)

After being compared to an Ogg I think that line was positively
But I'll heed your advice none the less... besides I've only just
to get Derek's knuckles up off the floor regression at this point
be good ;P
(And believe me I'll be paying for that line for a while when he reads



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