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Re: Alderson Drive

From: Jerry Han <jhan1@h...>
Date: Tue, 05 Sep 2000 00:08:35 -0400
Subject: Re: Alderson Drive


Hi Chris,

Thanks for doing the extra looking.  I'm not personally looking for it;
somebody came out of the blue and asked if I knew anything about it 
(he found references to it in the GZG Archives, surprise, surprise.
(8-) )

Does any of the Pournelle/Niven books given any PSB on how or why 
two stars would be connected through an Alderson point? 

I remember in Gripping Hand how the nova or collapse (don't quite
remember that detail (8-) ) of a star caused a new point to appear
in the Motie system, for example.  That implies change in gravity,
which implies Mass (which follows your reasoning of Mass
though less of temperature.)  Can somebody who actually has the 
books handy take a look and tell me if I'm out to lunch?  (8-)


Laserlight wrote:
> Jerry, I was reading through my copy of NSpace to see if there
> were any details about the Alderson Force, and the answer is
> "no."  The Langston Field abosrds energy on approximately a
> fourth order relationship to the amount of energy coming in, but
> that's not the Alderson drive.  All is says is that the Fifth
> Force is generated by thermonuclear reactions.  If you want to
> work out which stars are connected, I'd say you have to based it
> on "how much thermonuclear activity is there in this star"--which
> I guess you'd determine by mass and temperature?  Nyrath or other
> astrometric experts, this would be a good place to chime in.

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