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Re: [FT] vector point balance

From: Beth Fulton <beth.fulton@m...>
Date: Mon, 04 Sep 2000 13:55:03 +1000
Subject: Re: [FT] vector point balance


 >I never actually _use_ an Alacrity--it's one of those "logic
 >requires the navy to have them but they'd be no fun for the game"

Does it involve compromising photos and a hotel suite? ;)

 >> OK maybe we're just the weirdest FT players in the universe
 >Well, obviously! ;-P


 >Depends on the situation but I think my usual choice would be to
 >wipe out one wing outright.

In my experience that is the best option you could take (its definitely
one I've got to sweat more to fight against, makes me damn sure I don't 
want misjudge the width of those pincers!)

 >> Whereas when they
 >> tried the second option they got rid of their first 'big'
 >>target and a few  escorts but the second 'big'
 >>target was untouched coming into the next
 >So?  It's now outnumbered two to one.

Not usually. Assuming I don't get more ones than normal (for me), I'm 
usually facing either less ships or ones where the big guns are in worse

state than my remaining vessels. While you could only concentrate on
my ships the previous turn I got to fire where I wanted (both points of
pincer having only one lots of targets to face and so can fire in a 
coordinated fashion).

 >Please note I'm not saying that your experience isn't valid--and
 >without a doubt you have more experience than me--I'm just saying
 >that it doesn't seem like the logical progression.

Like I said we're probably weird ;)

 >On ther other hand, I normally play by email have have plenty of time
for a
 >spreadsheet to define my targets' maneuver envelope.

We do allow the (quick) placement of markers to get a 'cone of 
probability', but if the orders aren't down within a couple of minutes
people start getting antsy so I guess that lets mistakes/poor choices

 >> Either way the next time I ran into them they had at least some
 >> weapons with multiple arcs suggesting that 1-arc alone did make
 >>them feel safe.
 >you meant "did NOT make them feel safe", I take it.

I'm glad you read what I mean and not what I wrote ;)

Have fun


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