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From: krs@g...
Date: Sun, 3 Sep 2000 15:47:41 -0700
Subject: Re: JUMP

We've tried it, liked it, and I bought a couple cases to sell 
on the website.  Have to get it posted tho'!!

The components alone make it a sure fire campaign 
system.  It has rules to cover building forces, politics, 
etc., so many of the things you would have to create to 
have a decent campaign are already there.

We've been asked to explore making miniatures for their 
system, and while nothing is written in stone yet, this 
could happen in the next couple months.

KR, Geo-Hex

On 3 Sep 00, at 18:28, Laserlight wrote:

>   In some way which now eludes my memory, I ran across a
>   game
> called JUMP, details of which are at . 
> Looks interesting as a FT campaign system.  There's a review
> from someone who saw it at GenCon--did any of our listers
> actually see/play it?
>   I'm hoping it's on the same level of complexity as, say,
>   DBA,
> FT, or OGRE.

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