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[SG2] [FMA] Commo --> a digester's reply to Brian

From: "Barclay, Tom" <tomb@b...>
Date: Thu, 31 Aug 2000 20:52:05 -0400
Subject: [SG2] [FMA] Commo --> a digester's reply to Brian

Date: Thu, 31 Aug 2000 17:29:12 -0400
From: Brian Bell <>
Subject: Re: [SG2] [FMA] EW Action? (was: Commo Chits)

Ok here is my take on it, taking into account the discussion that has

1) EW Unit must be activated to have the opportunity to get/refresh
chits. (p. 52)

**** [TOM] I agree this is how pg 52 shouold be interpreted...which had
previously escaped me. 

2) When an EW unit is activated, it may use an ACTION to engage the
equipment (and get 3 chits). If it does not do so, it has no EW chits
that turn.

3) It does NOT take an action to use the EW chits.

**** [TOM] If you spend one action to get them, I think that is enough. 

4) EW chits do NOT accumulate from activation to activation. (Obvious,
t now stated)

**** [TOM] Wasn't that always true?


1) EW action does not require a reaction test.

**** [TOM] Hmmm. I wonder if some of them shouldn't. Jam a GMS for
(if you aren't the target unit). Some things happen in a time I call
Godammmmfast (pardon me) and therefore reactions MIGHT be appropriate.
course, they could be factored into the other rolls you make. 

2) EW unit is NOT affected by supression. The EW action would seem to be
along the lines of difficulty/exposure as a Leader's Observe or

**** [TOM] I take a minor issue here. Yes, the comm jamming gear will be
whizzo tech small, but if you're taking rounds (suppression), and one
kill you, you probably want to focus on your surroundings. Furthermore,
assuming jamming (if done as today) is done on select spectrum and in
specific ways appropriate to the task (I'm assured broad spectrum
jamming is
no easy feat and eats energy). So this suggests concentration on behalf
the operator. Not something conducive to execution under suppression.
about for every suppression you get 1 negative die shift? Or if you have
suppresion, no effect, 2 gives 1 negative die shift, 3 makes EW
(your guys are trying to phase through the sand - the last thing on
minds is EW). What about it?

Effects of the above:
1) EW teams would be split off into small unit teams (similar to sniper
teams), but usually remain in no-comm-roll-needed range of a command
(exceptions made for trying to find hidden units).

**** [TOM] This is what I did in Grey Day and in my other battles. Plus
lets you attach these teams in a larger formation (a squad composed of
to four two man teams) at the Company HQ level and then they delegate
maybe a squad per platoon.... 

1a) From the other thread about my SG misunderstanding, I would take it0
that the Command squads are actually quite small (since the leader's0
communication/reactivation actions would limit other options) but
surrounded in no-comm-roll-needed range by other supporting units.

**** [TOM] This is common. What I found very excellent in Grey Day and
games is to treat the Officer as an individual (if on his own, fired at
per indiv figure). 

**** [TOM] He can attach/detach at will. When attached to a squad, they
his LDR and their normal quality. When detached, the LDR of whomever
normally be in charge. This allows the units to manouvre while the CO
commands. It also allows the Pltn Sgt to run his ass from squad to squad
making sure things are okay or to take over a squad commanded by a
weak leader (or whose normal leader is dead). 

**** [TOM] This system seems to work very well - I'd advise anyone to
it. And if you are worried about the lone officer being given a hard
time -
just ask Major D'aubagne of the Etats Europa Federal 5ieme REA what a KV
sniper can do to make your day worse if your cover isn't good and you
busy yacking on the comm to your units....

2) EW teams could perform a number of combined actions if stationary,
would have to choose to use EW or do something else if it moves.

**** [TOM] If it burns both actions. Only 1 action should be needed to
EW. I'd even be tempted to grant the unit 2 chits per action (a slight
modification). Thus 1 action spent doing EW nets 2 chits, 2 actions net
But that's an optional idea. 

3) EW units could be reactivated by Leaders for more EW chits. :-) This
would have to be done BEFORE a ECM/ECCM bid war starts as the
action would have to be finished before a reactivation action could be

**** [TOM] Not necessarily. A good way to (once the early turn EW duel
done) get back EW capacity late in the turn when your enemy has none.
Interesting idea. But only EW units you have command over. And if
sized games are on, this should often be CHQ which might have more

4) It provides an opportunity for a player to make another decision in
in a turn to activate units. "Shall I activate a combat unit and hope
they don't make a comm attempt before my next activation, or get the EW
chits now and use the combat unit my next activation".

**** [TOM] Yep, I'm in favour of this. 

5) Provides a reason for the EW unit to NOT use the EW equipment (as was
suggested they may choose to do on page 52).

**** [TOM] Revelation in a double blind game is wicked. Plus if we were
using homing munitions...having your EW activated within range of  a
(air or arty nearby) with a "held" action (say an overwatch for EW
emissions) means they'd probably nuke you when you turned on. A DARN
reason to stay inactive. 

Unsure how to handle:

1) EW equipment on Vehicles. I would suggest the same way as for EW
I.e. it costs an action. A tank crew of 2 or 3 can't maneuver the tank,
fire effectivly, and find the frequency-hop pattern of the
you want to block all at the same time.

**** [TOM]  ECM is automagic. EW is not. I agree. Though if you have an
unit aboard (with specialist operator - do I not recall such a thing in
vehicle rules?) then they should be able to activate separately for this
explicit purpose or be considered a joint activation with the vehicle
with a separate pool of actions (which they really can only use for EW

**** [TOM] Hope some of my contributions are worth something. I plan to
some of these changes next time I play EW. Let's see what people have to
add. I'm off home for the day. 

Thomas R. S. Barclay
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