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Re: [FT] Ship design advice

From: Sean Bayan Schoonmaker <s_schoon@p...>
Date: Fri, 30 Jun 2000 14:09:17 -0700
Subject: Re: [FT] Ship design advice

>> Sounds like they're not being properly employed. Keep in mind that
>> can't be attacked by anything other than fighters until they attack,
>> excepting ADFC equipped vessels.
>That's not true, with respect to ADFC.  If you hunt through the FB1,
>see a very specific statement in there that ADFC no longer allows you
>non-hostile fighters, and that you may _only_ attack the fighters that
>either attacking you or attacking a ship within 6" of you.

True, what I meant was that ADFC vessels were the only other ships
to attack an attacking group if they weren't the ship attacked.


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