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Re: Glen Bailey's ship designs

From: GBailey@a...
Date: Thu, 29 Jun 2000 10:27:06 EDT
Subject: Re: Glen Bailey's ship designs

>  Quite a few interesting ones here.

*blush*  Thanks!

>  General note: Many SSDs show armour boxes in two "layers". According
>  the NPVs of the ships this is an artistic convention to save space;
>  these ships all have in fact human-style single-layer armour. It does
>  *NOT* represent Phalon-style multiple-layer shells. Not sure if Glen
>  has FB2 yet, but it may be worthwhile to include a note about this on
>  the web page.

I do not have FB2, yet; it is on order.  Yes, the double layer armor is
for aesthetic and space-saving reasons.  Now I have to change those?

>  bluefrtr: Most of these are taken directly from FB1 (Free Trader,
>  Freighter, Bulk Carrier). While the SSDs are nice-looking, please
>  what Jon T. says about putting the published designs on the web. I'd
>  interested to see the design calculations behind the "Escort" though
>  (and for the other tugs as well).

Umm, a design that happens to have the same systems as a published
but layed out differently or in a different silhouette is copyrighted?
Although, I do mention that they come from the Fleet Book.  :)
I'll remove them as they were there just to show my artistic talent in
silhouette design.  (VBG)

"Escort" (Gazelle class)
Mass 60, average hull (18), FTL + 20 towing capacity (10), MD4
(12 mass, which comes out to 15% when towing 20 mass, 80 total,
and thus becomes MD3), Armor 4, Screen-1 (4 mass instead of 3
to cover the 20 towed mass), 2 FC, 2 PDS, 4 class-1 beams,
2 class-2 beams (FP+F+FS).
The miniature has two "fuel tanks" that are detachable by the
game rules it comes from, I changed them into 4 mass-5 cargo pods
to operate as a cargo-capable convoy escort.
Yes, the mass indicates a light cruiser based on FB's mass
classification but it isn't that capable.  As an escort it probably
should trade in some class-1 beams for PDS and add an ADFC.

>  bluetorp: I must say that the ICE "Revenge" model looks a bit small
>  for a TMF 214 ship, but YMMV :-/

I only have so many non-SFB/Star Trek miniatures that some do
extra duty, besides it's another favorite miniature of mine.  Some
newer designs using the same mini and similar systems but are smaller
(3 & 4 pulse torps, beam-1s instead of the 2s, mass 124 & 144).

>  fwar: WBB and WBN both uses 1 Mass and 4 points too many, suggesting
>  that they have 1 FCS too many.

How'd that happen?  :)	 Good thing they haven't been used in combat
or my opponents might think I was cheating.  Naw, I lose too much
for them to think that.

>  hweb: The TMF 60 ship has 1 hull box too many (should have 18, not
>  OK, under the FB2 rules it is OK to have 19 hull boxes on a TMF 60
>  ship, but it uses 1 Mass and 2 points more than specified so it's
>  either hull or armour <g>

Alright, what dock workers stuck on the fake hull space to hide the
contraband in?	The ship must operate in the "Caribbean" sector. :)

>  General Klingon question: What does the special Klingon FTL symbol
>  (with 2 wavy lines instead of 1) stand for?

I figured the wavy FTL line is the "warp" signature, so I made each
SFB/ST race have a different signature.  The Kzin and Lyran use an
upside-down W ("cat ears" but don't let them know I did it that way),
the Romulans have two lines that curve around a dot (black-hole
singularity), the Hydrans have a single curvy line that is just
different, the Andromedans have a sharply pointed crooked
line without curves, & the Gorns use the same as the Feds which is
a single line similar to the standard one.  I made the Klingon one
a double line as it's not as "clean" or an efficient FTL/warp design.

>  kdntorp: The first TMF 184 ship should have 14/14/13/13 hull boxes,
>  14/14/14/12.

Yeah, I caught that one later.	Still one of my favorite designs.

Maybe that's where the "hweb" hull space came from? :)

>  ksdndn: The DN has 2 unused Mass (PDS or weapon).
>  wgcv: The Tsunami should only have 11 hull boxes, not 12 (corrected
>  my BMPs).
>  wingdef: The TMF 240 variant should have 4 FCSs (otherwise it has 1
>  Mass and 4 points left unused); the SSD only shows 3.

I really need to update my pages.  I've used various designs based on
the Winged Defender miniature with some success, especially the all
pulse torpedo variants.  (I really like pulse torpedoes, especially
since I can't roll beam dice worth a hoot.)

>  Regards,
>  Oerjan Ohlson

Thanks for the look-see!


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