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Re: Glen Bailey's ship designs

From: GBailey@a...
Date: Thu, 29 Jun 2000 09:15:21 EDT
Subject: Re: Glen Bailey's ship designs

>  Quite a few interesting ones here. 

Wow!  I'm flattered.
>  General note: Many SSDs show armour boxes in two "layers". According
>  the NPVs of the ships this is an artistic convention to save space;
>  these ships all have in fact human-style single-layer armour. It does
>  *NOT* represent Phalon-style multiple-layer shells. Not sure if Glen
>  has FB2 yet, but it may be worthwhile to include a note about this on
>  the web page.

I do not have FB2.    Yes, the double armor is purely a space saver.
You mean now I have to change all my designs?  Actually, only those
without shields get extra armor, but once Steve leaves the area
(*sniff*  he lost his job and got another upstate)
I'll probably cut down the amount of armor.  He just rolls an inordinate
amount of 6s with beam dice.  I think he takes my 6s because I
sure don't roll many.

>  bluefrtr: Most of these are taken directly from FB1 (Free Trader,
>  Freighter, Bulk Carrier). While the SSDs are nice-looking, please
>  what Jon T. says about putting the published designs on the web. I'd
>  interested to see the design calculations behind the "Escort" though
>  (and for the other tugs as well).

Umm, you mean any ship I design that has the same systems as a published
design but layed out differently with a different silhouette outline is 
Although, I do mention them as coming from the published designs.  :)
I'll remove them from the page.

>  bluetorp: I must say that the ICE "Revenge" model looks a bit small
>  a
>  TMF 214 ship, but YMMV :-/ 

When in "reality" all ships are really the size of a pinhead on top of
Newer designs along the same lines using the same mini are smaller (mass
- 144).
One only has so many miniatures, and this is one of my favorite.

>  fwar: WBB and WBN both uses 1 Mass and 4 points too many, suggesting
>  that they have 1 FCS too many.
>  hweb: The TMF 60 ship has 1 hull box too many (should have 18, not
>  OK, under the FB2 rules it is OK to have 19 hull boxes on a TMF 60
>  ship, but it uses 1 Mass and 2 points more than specified so it's
>  either hull or armour <g>
>  General Klingon question: What does the special Klingon FTL symbol
>  (with 2 wavy lines instead of 1) stand for?
>  kdntorp: The first TMF 184 ship should have 14/14/13/13 hull boxes,
>  14/14/14/12.
>  ksdndn: The DN has 2 unused Mass (PDS or weapon).
>  wgcv: The Tsunami should only have 11 hull boxes, not 12 (corrected
>  my BMPs).
>  wingdef: The TMF 240 variant should have 4 FCSs (otherwise it has 1
>  Mass and 4 points left unused); the SSD only shows 3.
>  Regards,
>  Oerjan Ohlson

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