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Re: Glen Bailey's ship designs

From: "Oerjan Ohlson" <oerjan.ohlson@t...>
Date: Thu, 29 Jun 2000 06:50:44 +0200
Subject: Re: Glen Bailey's ship designs

Quite a few interesting ones here. 

General note: Many SSDs show armour boxes in two "layers". According to
the NPVs of the ships this is an artistic convention to save space;
these ships all have in fact human-style single-layer armour. It does
*NOT* represent Phalon-style multiple-layer shells. Not sure if Glen
has FB2 yet, but it may be worthwhile to include a note about this on
the web page.

bluefrtr: Most of these are taken directly from FB1 (Free Trader, Small
Freighter, Bulk Carrier). While the SSDs are nice-looking, please check
what Jon T. says about putting the published designs on the web. I'd be
interested to see the design calculations behind the "Escort" though
(and for the other tugs as well).

bluetorp: I must say that the ICE "Revenge" model looks a bit small for
TMF 214 ship, but YMMV :-/ 

fwar: WBB and WBN both uses 1 Mass and 4 points too many, suggesting
that they have 1 FCS too many.

hweb: The TMF 60 ship has 1 hull box too many (should have 18, not 19).
OK, under the FB2 rules it is OK to have 19 hull boxes on a TMF 60
ship, but it uses 1 Mass and 2 points more than specified so it's
either hull or armour <g>

General Klingon question: What does the special Klingon FTL symbol
(with 2 wavy lines instead of 1) stand for?

kdntorp: The first TMF 184 ship should have 14/14/13/13 hull boxes, not

ksdndn: The DN has 2 unused Mass (PDS or weapon).

wgcv: The Tsunami should only have 11 hull boxes, not 12 (corrected on
my BMPs).

wingdef: The TMF 240 variant should have 4 FCSs (otherwise it has 1
Mass and 4 points left unused); the SSD only shows 3.


Oerjan Ohlson

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  What you get out of it, depends on what you put into it."
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