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RE: Cannibalism (and yes it is on topic)

From: "Andrew Apter" <andya@s...>
Date: Tue, 27 Jun 2000 09:14:55 -0400
Subject: RE: Cannibalism (and yes it is on topic)

The amount of energy used by the bioships for maneuver alone indicates
they would have to have some way of converting matter to energy. 
want to speculate on an organism that incorporates cold fusion into its

Andy A

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Subject: Re: Cannibalism (and yes it is on topic)

> Imre wrote:
>  >And don't forget the laws of Thermodynamics.  Eating another ship
>  >would not be 100% efficient.  There would be some waste.  So,
>  >eating a mass 12 ship might only give you 6 mass toward a new
>  >ship. (I'm pulling numbers out to the air here, but you get the
>  >general idea.)

Beth wrote
> Actually it be closer to about 2-3 mass if they're anything like
> terrestrial life which only have efficiencies of about 20-25%.
> While I don't mind the principle of Imre's idea, I do think its more

> a strategic time-scale thing (so the only time you'd see it in a
> battle would be if you stumbled across it mid process say). This is
> not only for ecological reasons (ingestion and breakdown on such
> grand scales isn't going to be fast), ...

Overall, I consider the concept of bio-organic spaceships (especially
if they are supposed to have evolved naturally) to be so far out that
discussing them in the same paragraph as the laws of thermodynamics
really make sense.

Still, FWIW:
1) IIRC the efficiency in converting food into body mass of terrestrial
life is markedly different for warm-blooded and cold-blooded animals.
Which class do the Savasku belong to ?
2) The laws of thermodynamics don't deal with the conversion of
materials, but with the conversion of energy. The main source of waste
biological is the need for energy, which is obtained by chemically
high-energy-molecules (sugars, fats etc.) into low-energy 'waste'
molecules (carbon dioxide, water) which are of no use and excreted. If
Savasku have available 'unlimited' energy (from a biological
fusion-reactor, say), they may be able to make use of all the target

Karl Heinz

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