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Fw: UNSC Starships

From: "Roger Gerrish" <roger.gerrish@l...>
Date: Tue, 20 Jun 2000 00:41:52 +0100
Subject: Fw: UNSC Starships

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Subject: Re: UNSC Starships

> > Has anybody, Officially or Un-Officially come up with any stats for
> > the UNSC, are there any plans for human 'advanced tech' goodies that
> > these vessels might carry. I assume the Islamics would be put
> > using existing FB1/2 rules.
> There were a few, mainly of the SDN and SDN-X, posted when the first
> batch of minis were released. Check the archives.
> Why do you feel the UN should have 'advanced tech' goodies?
> Steve
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First thank you to those who replied I shall look at your
recomendations...and as to why I thought the UN should have advanced

Well....I've always assumed that the UNSC would need some 'edge' in
order to
keep the major powers apart in the Core.
I also think Sgrunt talks about 'technically' advanced Marine Units
used by the UNSC, so I guessed that this probably stretched to Space
technology as well.

I see two forces behind the UNSC,

1) The Mega-Corps for the finance  and 2)  the Gilderstein Foundation
the Hi Tech.

Even in 2143 the population of Earth alone would massivly outnumber the
total population of the Inner and Outworld colonies. A major miliary
'accident' on an outworld colony might vaporise a few hundred thousand,
Sol system it could account for millions of consumers. TConsidering the
continuing dangerous adventurism of the Major Powers Its likly that the
corporations would do what they could to preserve their market.
One such way would be for the Mega-Corps to help finance the fledgling

The Gilderstein Foundation 'think tank' after achieving its prime goal
providing a secure home for the Jewish people would carry on developing
leading edge technology. Rather than this being sold on the open market
one of the major powers, It could be that it is in fact  fed to the one
force dedicated to maintaining the peace ie. the UNSC. Assuming that
israel' (Epsilon Indi) is a core world then the UNSC would indirectly
a force dedicated to protecting the Jewish people from renewed
from the great powers.

Just some thoughts for comment.


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