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DS: ADS and Artillery

From: "Brian Bilderback" <bbilderback@h...>
Date: Sat, 17 Jun 2000 15:29:19 PDT
Subject: DS: ADS and Artillery

I've been giving some thought to the comments that a few people have
about how ADS should be capable of defending against artillery attacks,
that how to resolve it in game terms would require adding FireCon to 
artillery.  I have a simpler solution to suggest.  It may not be 100% 
realistic, but it's plausible and playable, so here's a shot:
>From the comments in the original rulebook regarding artillery, it
seems to 
me that it can be assumed that, other than the case of HAR's, the
between light, medium, and heavy artillery is a function of the amount
munitions they can lay down as well as their calibre.  This is arguable,
for the sake of this system, let's assume this to be true.  From this 
assumption, I came up with these rules:

ADS fire is only effective against artillery attacks when the center
of aa artillery piece's fire mission falls within the effective range of
ADS (I'll leave it up to individual players to determine if the
range vs artillery should be the same as against aircraft or GMS'). 
Thus an 
artillery attack whose center point is outside this range, but whose
zone is within it, would not be affected by an ADS.

For a closed sheaf attack, treat the entire mission as 1 attack against 
which the ADs must defend.  For each point by which the ADS defeats the 
artillery attack, reduce the power of the attack by 1 artillery piece. 
reason for this is that once the ADS has zoned in on where the arty
is coming from, it's easier to defeat the following shells)

For an open sheaf attack,  treat each gun whose attack falls within the
effective zone as a separate attack (These missions have several
angles of attack, and thus are harder to defend against), and the 
effectiveness of the ADS is reduced by the number of guns it defends 
against, just as with GMS'.

I'd be interested to hear what people think, and if anyone would be 
interested in trying this rule out in play, please let me know how it

Brian Bilderback
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