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Re: Whatever (was a lot of things)

From: Kevin Walker <sage5@h...>
Date: Thu, 15 Jun 2000 03:31:03 -0500
Subject: Re: Whatever (was a lot of things)

on 6/15/00 3:00, Mikko Kurki-Suonio at wrote:

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>> Why use interceptable freighters? Because 12 thrust-15 freighters
>> as much cargo as 1 thrust-4 freighter, and cost almost 20 times more.
> This is getting a bit extreme... but okay. (Why not just one bigger
> transport?)

Besides the cost issue there could be other issues involved.  Packaging
the cargo (especially troops) might not handle thrust 15 (or even 6)
well.  Maybe greater acceleration burns up fuel faster than a slower
acceleration to the same target velocity.  The FT rules don't go into
of course and it's best left up to the game/campaign but these are items

Another consideration is that some of these transport ships may not be
military vessels although not with troop transports.  ;-)  True, few
governments probably employ civilian transport into combat zones these
but there is always the possibility that to keep logistics fleet costs
some FT militaries might employ contracted transport ships.  Thus the
military designers might not have the ability to design the vessels
in this capacity.

Another issue is as the thrust rating on a transport vessel goes up
factors beside carrying capacity are decreased.  Armor, shields, PDS,
are all possible mass/cost cutting targets.  Besides escort vessels for
these transports may still be needed even if only for the final few
minutes/hours of the trip, a time when the transports may not be able to
their speed if they intend to land their troops or dock at a station.


> From a more meta point of view: Given a scenario and freedom to custom
> design ships for it, what's to stop me from designing ships that
> short circuit that scenario?

This problem comes up a lot if the players know the specifics of the
scenario before hand, a luxury few ship designers have when laying down
designs.  I like the idea of giving a basic premise - You're
troops for an invasion of a planet - once the ships (and designs) are
decided upon the specifics of the mission are provided.

> I would like a game that you could play well understanding only the
> principles -- without actually knowing the rules. Unfortunately, most
> games reward people who memorize loopholes, little glitches,
> breakpoints, optimization tricks etc.
> Ever seen a chess player accused of cheesy tactics?

Ahhh...but chess doesn't allow you to design the game pieces that are
on the board or to alter the composition of the forces usually unless
playing some sort of variant.  ;-)


Kevin Walker

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