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Re: The Interception Challenge(tm)

From: aebrain@d...
Date: Thu, 15 Jun 2000 01:26:37 GMT
Subject: Re: The Interception Challenge(tm)

Firstly, I'll deal with Vector (since it's harder).

a) Read about Admiral Doenitz's Wolfpack tactics of WW2
b) Apply them.

The basic problem that Doenitz had was that of intercepting convoys
going from
A to B via one of a number of possible routes, which had to be
intercepted before
they got too clsoe to the destination. The convoys travelled at a speed
of about
10 knots, the U-boats could do 10 on the surface, 20 for short periods,
only 5 or so submerged. Sensor ranges were very small.

Let's see what this means in terms of the Interception problem:
F------t  P
FTL Exit P   MF 	   IP		 Target Point X
F------t  P

The Pickets (P) are there to detect the enemy as it exits somewhere
within the
FTL Exit area, and to get an estimate of the MLA (Mean Line of Advance).
Main Force (MF) plus as many pickets as can match velocities, will
at about IP, since they will be heading towards X at a speed low enough
so that
IP is well away from X, but high enough so that the enemy must remain in
for a time. You really want to intercept at the midpoint to X, as that's
they stop boosting towards X at maximum, and start decelerating at
Ideally the "Convoy" will overtake the Main Force, then the Main Force
catch up, and overtake it, while remaining in weapons range. There may
be a
small gap, but the Main Force gets 2 bites at the cherry.

Cinematic is much easier - all you have to do is make sure you havfe
about the
right speed, rather than velocity. OTOH if the enemy speed is say
100,000 MU,
staying in range is guesswork. Assuming they have thrust-2, hence 1
point of
turn, you have a 1/3 chance of staying in weapons range once you get in.
3 forces
acting in concert would do it though.

FWIW in my professional career I've done some work on tactics using
submarines vs convoys. The convoys these days do about 20 knots, the
subs likewise. Similar problem.

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