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Re: The iCloak

From: "John C" <john1x@h...>
Date: Wed, 14 Jun 2000 18:52:20 GMT
Subject: Re: The iCloak

> > Instead, I speak of the Illuminati
> > Cloaking Device -- hereafter referred to as the iCloak, to
> > from the standard FT cloaking device.
>[much slashage]
>Interesting thought...
>As a simple note, I would say that salvo missiles should be largely
>against an iCloaked ship.  Missiles work on guidance, and have no way
>easily focusing themselves based on visual data, whereas a beam weapon
>a nova cannon or the like can just be pointed in a given direction and 
>care whether or not the target is visible or not.  If you can't direct
>against it easily, missiles should have no usefulness at all.

This makes sense.  With the way the salvos are launched,
it seemed as though they should have some chance of hitting if the
made a good guess.  The best answer is probably to have them launched
placed as normal, but the attacker has to make his locking on roll
rolling to determine how many missiles hit.

John Crimmins

   "We're not at home to Mr. Reasonable, sergeant."
   "I do not hear him knockin', sir."
    --Terry Pratchett, _The Fifth Elephant_

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