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Re: GZG Fighter bases

From: Roger Books <books@m...>
Date: Wed, 14 Jun 2000 14:23:36 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Re: GZG Fighter bases

On 14-Jun-00 at 14:17, ( wrote:
> We are working on a redesign of the fighter base in use 
> here.  Small raised areas on a 1 1/2" diameter base to 
> hold the fighters and a place for a die or two at the back 
> (the space will accomadate one 10mm or the two fives 
> mentioned previously).  I've always been against the 
> wires, (sorry Jon, but I've based over a hundred of the 
> buggers now and I've glued my LAST fighter to a wire!!) 
> but when I desperately needed bases I accepted the 
> design made by Marty at Simtac.  The redesigned raised 
> areas will be either truncated pyramids or cones, three 
> short ones in front and three taller ones in the back.  The 
> base will have a marked area to show field of fire.  
> Nothing has been carved as yet so if the field has any 
> suggestions . . . ?

Is this going to be used with something other than FT?	Fields
of fire aren't necessary for FT.

I like the B5 fleet action fighter bases, but it looks like the
fighters need to be designed for them.

I don't like the reworked (old style) GZG fighter bases.  I came
up with something I like better but cutting 12 pieces of brass,
glueing 6 to a piece of flat brass with a homemade jig and 6
to the fighter, along with a bead wire then painting everything
turned out to be a major hassle.

Now, if you designed your base with a hole and notch for 1 wire
for tracking endurance would make it much easier, beads are
cheap and easy.


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