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RE: Forcing fights

From: "Bell, Brian K" <Brian_Bell@d...>
Date: Wed, 14 Jun 2000 07:06:35 -0400
Subject: RE: Forcing fights

<Small Laugh>

I recently added some of ITTTs standard merchant ships (and some Q-Ship
variants). Note that these ships are larger than the merchant ships in
back of FB1 because I thought that there was a need for interfaced craft
service smaller colonies. This adds size to the vessel and to make a
the cargo size must be expanded as well.
True a 'Husky' mass 600 freighter with 252 mass in cargo makes a juicy
target. But heaven help you if you run into the Q-Ship version, 'Hokey'.
Also, like the IAS and OU, ITTT's freighters are modular and may switch
cargo modules for weapons modules, so dedicated Q-Ships are augmented in
times of particular trouble.

Fetch Interface Shuttle 	 ITTT	42    89

Hokey class Q-Ship		 ITTT  619  2115 (2241)

Husky class Hvy Freighter	 ITTT  619  1463
Lodestone class Hvy Freighter	 ITTT  292   796

Roo class Interface Shuttle	 ITTT	17    41

War Horse Q-Ship		 ITTT  144   460  (478)

Work Horse Medium Freighter	 ITTT  144   389

Brian Bell	   

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> ME:
> Or to make it so that all of your pre-war transports aren't immediatly
> (and
> very un-economically) obsolete and useless, they could just build
> too.	Same hull as the poor slow Merchant, but packed with structural
> support and nice weapons.  The model on the table would be a nice
> merchant, too.  And then, when the mean ol' commerce raider got within
> range...ZAP-POW-KABLAM!
> Just a thought.
> Rob

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