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From: "Christopher K Smith" <smithck72@h...>
Date: Tue, 13 Jun 2000 23:40:34 -0500
Subject: Re: Crowbars

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> Depends why they're invading Earth in many ways and what type of
> they have. One reason maybe if they're 'intellectually' superior and
> believe they're taking us over for our own good. Compound this with
> political or societal issues at home that mean they have to answer for
> way the planet is subdued and then there's a lot of restraints on
> could end up with a case where our losses are as demoralising to them
> their own.

I like that last bit alot.  I was thinking along the lines of racial
survival, though.  A race is eventually going to die out unless it can
to another solar system with habitable planets.  So their high tech
to have FTL and realize that a single star system is a dead end,  but
not so
high tech that they can build self contained space habits for large
of individuals without some type of planetary support.	Or maybe they
have a
"spiritual" or biological need to have their feet on the ground from
time to
time.  Is their any way such a need would evolve or could be engineered
an organism?  Say the aliens can only reproduced where they go through
"puberty" metamorphosis or something.

Or you could just have them land and start shooting, and never open any
of communications (ala War of the Worlds).  They are alien after all,
knows what they are thinking.  I'm not too partial to that idea though.

Christopher K Smith
SR MECH Auburn University

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