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Re: Crowbars

From: Roger Books <books@m...>
Date: Tue, 13 Jun 2000 08:59:11 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Re: Crowbars

On 12-Jun-00 at 21:38, Laserlight ( wrote:
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> From: Nyrath the nearly wise <>
> >"Izenberg, Noam" wrote:
> >> You'd have to generate convincing PSB of an antimatter
> containment system
> >> that wouldn't consume and broadcast enough energy to give
> significant
> >> advanced warning.
> >
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> > Here is Professor Apocalyse's patented "Catch me if you can"
> > relativistic warhead delivery system!
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> Thanks, but you're supposed to be coming up with reasons why it
> _won't_ work.  :-)

Hmmm, won't work?

I'm not a physicist (and I don't play one at work either) however...

The energy required to accelerate this crowbar is prohibative.	Why
do you think ships usually start combat at slow speeds and top
out at 40 or so?

This anti-matter crowbar would be visible from way out and I'm not
even sure you could put it on a ballistic path to hit its target.
Any particle it happened to encounter on its way in would be 
converted to energy, which would be massive amounts of detectable
radiation and would also affect the path of the crowbar.

My personal favorite:  Sure, the technology exists to make make
Anti-Matter, it just takes artificially creating the atoms, which
requires an input of energy greater than the energy produced by
expending the anti-matter.

Political:  The UN has a policy, any Political Entity caught
using weapons of mass destruction on a populated system will
have their space capabilities removed, with force if necessary.
Doctrine extends to the point that if this can be affectively
resisted the UN will use any required force to accomplish this
mission, including weapons of mass destruction such as the
top secret Planet Buster Bomb.	Normally this would not be 
required though as violation of this law is considered a war
against humanity and the UN will extract leaders who order this
and place them before a war crimes tribunal with the end goal
usually being the death penalty.

Need more?


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