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Re: Forcing fights

From: KH.Ranitzsch@t...
Date: 13 Jun 2000 11:06 GMT
Subject: Re: Forcing fights

Mikko wrote:
> And the sensor rules are WHERE? Especially ones that don't come 
> "optional"?

> I talked about this earlier, but I've yet to see anyone show 
> proof that a reasonable intercepts can be achieved in *any* fair
> conditions (except at target or jump point i.e. journey endpoints).

Would depend on how you argue the range of your long-range sensors and 

the speed of your vessels compared to that. With Ultra-long-range
sensors and slow vessels intercepting is easy, with short range sensors 
and fast ships, it's impossible. Which of those circumstances you 
consider 'Fair'  will depend on your personal taste (and which side you

> So, you agree that under current rules it is effectively impossible > 
to intercept shipping? The U-boat service is a dead cause? 

Even on Earth, intercepting shipping was very much a matter a hit-and
miss affair. The U-boats didn't rely on luck to find their prey. They 
used various intelligence assets (spies, long range planes, radio 
monitoring, outpost boats) and educated guesses about enemy routes (off 
specific harbours, near choke points such as narrow straits) to enhance
chance of finding merchant vessels.

> Let's consider commerce raiding. Raiders are built on the
> "battlecruiser principle", "Outgun everything you can't outrun and 
> anything you can't outgun" i.e. they are *excpected* to simply run 
> away from a stiff opposition.
> High enough thrust coupled with the right mindset and nothing can 
> you. Great! Run into some warships, just run away. Catch a merchant > 
and pounce. Life is great...

Unless the merchant is in a convoy that is being escorted by some big
brute. You either retreat without fighting (i.e. not doing damage to 
the enemy) or risk being destroyed by his heavy weapons.

> ...until they start building transports to the same spec. Noboby can 

> catch anybody anymore (except at port). And the convoy escorts are 
> just out of job too...

Pretty unlikely. Fast drives are expensive. In peacetime, and under 
most wartime campaign considerations (i.e. the enemy does not have 
overwhelming superiority and you need blockade runners), that
space/money is 
more profitably used for cargo bays/passenger space. 
So most transports will be slow and poorly protected.

Karl Heinz

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