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RE: "Custom" fleets

From: "Bell, Brian K" <Brian_Bell@d...>
Date: Fri, 9 Jun 2000 13:20:50 -0400
Subject: RE: "Custom" fleets

That is not what Oerjan said. IIRC (IMW) is that the balance of the
was Beijing/BEs (ADAF/PDS escort version of the Beijing/B as listed in
text section, and thus stock). The 20-21 Beijing/BEs would more than
to take out your fighters. Then the single Komorov would take out your
battle planet (as was listed, since you would not know how to modify it
fit his force) using the class-4s. The class-4 beams also have a
Forward-Port and Forward-Starboard arc, so do not need to be directly
you do hit you. As long as the play area is 97" wide, and you do not
move to
push your opponent off the edge of the would, he should still succeed.
you move so that he must come within 36" of you to circle you or go out,
are using "edge of the world" tactics. Also, since he will have some
Beijings left, they would dart in when every your rear arc faced them.

Brian Bell	  

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> A Komarov would never
> be able to take the thing one-on-one anyway (it would never survive
> fighter attack) but having taken the nova cannon off of the previous
> version it probably would be a good idea to give it back some form of
> range threat.
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