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FT: floating map

From: GBailey@a...
Date: Fri, 9 Jun 2000 11:20:43 EDT
Subject: FT: floating map

>Out of curiosity...  how does one manage the case where both sides fly
>each other and off of the table in opposite directions due to excessive
>speed?  Where does one "float" the table to?
>I would like to use a floating table but haven't found a solution to
>problem that doesn't involve putting my beer down to record where
>is located, 'off table'.  Too much paper work... is there a more
>solution?  Otherwise, I'd just soon stick with the fixed table method
>discussed in FT2.

One solution: restart positions; as in reposition the figures to facing 
each other on the edge of the table.  If one side is more maneuverable
than the other then you could figure out the different angle of approach
instead of head on.

We've also put the figure(s) on the edge with its facing being correct
and dice sitting next to it representing distance from the edge.  The
figure will move down along the edge as the ship moves.  To plot its
movement move the figure in, move it, then move it back to the edge
recording any differences.  Also, at these extreme ranges we've fudged
a little on its movement because it isn't going to matter that much.


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