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Re: "Custom" fleets

From: "Peter C" <petrov_101@h...>
Date: Fri, 09 Jun 2000 14:06:27 GMT
Subject: Re: "Custom" fleets

>From: Brian Bell <>

>I usually play fixed edges, because it shortens the game and reduces
>arguments on where a fleet is when off the table. But I usually also
>with smaller ships (cruisers and  escorts) where the average range is
>with only an occasional 36tu weapon. And I almost play vector
>If I played more big ships or cinematic, I too would have to insist on
>floating table.

Out of curiosity...  how does one manage the case where both sides fly
each other and off of the table in opposite directions due to excessive 
speed?	Where does one "float" the table to?

I would like to use a floating table but haven't found a solution to
problem that doesn't involve putting my beer down to record where
is located, 'off table'.  Too much paper work... is there a more elegant

solution?  Otherwise, I'd just soon stick with the fixed table method 
discussed in FT2.


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