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Re: "Custom" fleets

From: "Tom.McCarthy" <Tom.McCarthy@c...>
Date: Fri, 9 Jun 2000 09:34:00 -0400
Subject: Re: "Custom" fleets

>I refer you to page 40 in FT: "Please treat the background just like
>of the Advanced rules; if you like it, by all means use it - if you
>then write your own, and ignore any ****** who tries to say you're
>it 'wrong'..!"
>Consider yourself ignored.

And thus the final reasonable position in arguments like these is
They agreed to disagree.

Within the small group stiltman plays in, they have adopted the house
that make the game fun for them and fit the background they imagine and
the way their universe is imagined to.	Many of us who have not adopted
those rules don't like them (and it's hard to say if it's cause or

Myself, I don't think I would consistently apply the house rules
originally listed, but of course he can.  But I will always take his
on tactics and fleet composition with a grain of salt because I know his
house rules are very different from my own, and he should always take
(and most other people's, too) with a grain of salt because they play
different rules.

Now, Jon T., he's the one with problems.  If, under Jon's rules, a
particular race or design proved to be unbeatable after publication just
because of a tactic he hadn't thought of, his name might be mud or he
suddenly have to divert a lot of resources to making it right. 
I haven't seen that happen yet (though many people had to tweak the
of the More Thrust Kra'vak upwards by 50%).

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