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RE: To float or not to float

From: "Bell, Brian K" <Brian_Bell@d...>
Date: Fri, 9 Jun 2000 08:48:08 -0400
Subject: RE: To float or not to float

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> Subject:	To float or not to float
> I had an interesting idea. Why not do a semi-floater?
> Background: [snip]
> How to adopt this to FT:
> First, pick the flagship. Ignore the lily-livered concept of cruiser
> flagships and pick the most expensive ship you've got. Tell your
> too.
> Obviously, with real miniatures you don't want to float the table
> time one of the flagships moves. Define a "center area", let's say
> in the center of the table. As long as the center point of the
> is in this area, don't float. If it wanders off, float to recenter.
[Bri] Yuch! This means that your flagship and your opponent's flagship
within Class-2 beam range and sit and slug it out. Better would be to
the flagship may not leave the table and float the table to put the
flagships toward the center of the table every other or every 3rd turn
(if a
flagship leaves the table, the table is floated immediatly). Also, if
flagship comes to a dead stop (parks), the table is floated with that
as close to the center of the table as possible, while still allowing
opposing flagship to stay on the table.

> If you are off the board and get a bridge hit, or otherwise lose
> contact with the main fleet, you're gone. If you are off the board and
> of reasonable weapon range from the edge (class-3, let's say), you
> get to place a mini but must plot moves on paper only. 
> OR: Apply your regular hard-edge penalties.
[Bri] Or disallow combat off-board. Also, to re-enter the board, they
before orders are written, indicate where they will enter, direction,
and at
what speed they are at (before applying thrust this turn). Note that
direction indicates only direction when entering, and does not reflect
course change that happens on-table.

> If ALL enemy ships are off the board at any time, the battle ends.
[Bri] Or if both flagships cannot be placed on the table (too far
the battle ends (and give victory points to the flagship traveling the
slowest, as it is not forcing the end of game). This gives incentive not
park (as the enemy will close his flagship to optimal range [either for
or maneuverability]). 

> Now, this is obviously not without some problems, but it does prevent
> battle from spreading out too much while still preventing tactics such
> parking your most important ship in a corner.
[Bri] My solution is also not without problems or potential for abuse,

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Comments above marked by [Bri]

Another good idea is to roll randomly for a clock point on the table
each fleet must set up. This adds variety to games rather than the
face-off from each end of the table. I suggest that players choose
before determining starting points.

1) Players determine fleets they will use.
2) Each player rolls 2d6 
  2a) The first d6 indicates the clock face on the table in which they
set up (Player A gets 3-8, Player B 9-2 for clock faces).
  2b) The second d6 indicates the course of the fleet (Player A gets 9-2
Player B 3-8 for ship course).
3) Fleets must be within "fleet integrety" limits. Every ship must be
8" of another ship. The entire fleet must be within a 1-1/2' radius of
entry clock point on the edge of the table. Obviously if you have a lot
ships, the radius may be expanded. After initial placement, ships do not
have to stay within fleet integrety.
4) Entry speed is limited to 1/2 the short width of the game table or
(guarantees that flagships will not leave the table on the first turn).

Brian Bell  

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