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RE: [FT] FB2 Errata

From: "Bell, Brian K" <Brian_Bell@d...>
Date: Fri, 9 Jun 2000 07:25:00 -0400
Subject: RE: [FT] FB2 Errata

  I respect your opinions, but cannot agree with you here. I did
the text as you indicated. However, as written it has the same effect,
unless you are saying that it can fire more than once per turn
that no other weapon in FT can do, and something that the text does not
state that the Singers can do). If I am wrong and it does state that
may fire more than once per turn or may apply extra power for extra dice
damage, please indicate the sentence (other than the example, which
it but does not state it). The closest line I found was the Stinger Node
"output is variable according to how much power is allocated to each
Which does not indicate what it means by output and is followed by 2
paragraphs describing how the power varies with RANGE, not damage.
  I am not arguing that extra power may be put into the weapon to do
damage (as I have stated before), only that the rules do not
STATE (only imply) that they can do so. I think that it would be good to
the fact that 'Stingers may use multiples of the power required to do a
1-die shot to do extra dice of damage' to the FAQ/Errata.

			Power Points Required
Range		1d6	2d6	3d6	4d6	5d6	6d6	...
0-12		1	2	3	4	5	6	
12.x-24 2	4	6	8	10	12
24.x-36 4	8	12	16	24	28
36.x-48 8	16	24	32	40	48
48.x-60 16	32	48	64	80	96
60.x-72 32	64	96	128	160	192
	The above chart provides range along the left
	hand side of the chart and dice of damage
	along the top of the chart and provides an
	indexed power point cost for the shot.

Brian Bell	  

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> Bell, Brian K wrote:
> >It gives you the cost for a 1-die shot. It does NOT explicitly say
> >that you can spend multiples of that amount for multiple dice of
> >damage.
> That's why the examples are there, you know... You write "if one did
> not read the examples". One is *supposed* to read the examples :-/
> However, your quote is a bit off. The rule does not say that "each
> stinger may only be fired once per turn"; it says that "each node may
> only fire at one target in any given turn". Your way to phrase it may
> imply that you're not allowed to fire multiple dice, but the rule's
> actual phrasing doesn't have this implication.
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> Oerjan Ohlson
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