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Re: [FT] FB2 Errata

From: Roger Books <books@j...>
Date: Wed, 7 Jun 2000 23:30:59 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Re: [FT] FB2 Errata

On  7-Jun-00 at 18:00, Ground Zero Games ( wrote:
> >It gives you the cost for a 1-die shot. It does NOT explicitly say
> >you can spend multiples of that amount for multiple dice of damage. I
> >understand that that is how it works, and it is implied in the
example, but
> >it does not state it.
> >
> >It also says "a single stinger node may handle any required amount of
> >power for each shot", but that was immediately following the cost of
> >1-die shot per range, not that multiples of the chart can be used for
> >multiple damage. It also states that each stinger may only be fired
> >per turn. So if one did not read the example, one could think that
> >stinger can only do 1 point of damage (but power cost varies with
> >Again, I understand that that is not the case, but it does not
> >state that extra power may be used to increase the number of dice per
> That's why we put examples in the books, to clarify the way a rule
> ;-) I think I can kind of see what you're getting at, but I thought
> rule was clear enough as it stood.
> Did anyone else read it this way when they first looked at it? If so,
> there may be an argument for putting it in the errata just to make
> Jon (GZG)

I was unsure, but the example cleared it up.


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