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RE: [FT] FB2 Errata

From: "Bell, Brian K" <Brian_Bell@d...>
Date: Wed, 7 Jun 2000 14:22:23 -0400
Subject: RE: [FT] FB2 Errata

It gives you the cost for a 1-die shot. It does NOT explicitly say that
can spend multiples of that amount for multiple dice of damage. I
that that is how it works, and it is implied in the example, but it does
state it.

It also says "a single stinger node may handle any required amount of
for each shot", but that was immediately following the cost of a 1-die
per range, not that multiples of the chart can be used for multiple
It also states that each stinger may only be fired once per turn. So if
did not read the example, one could think that each stinger can only do
point of damage (but power cost varies with range). Again, I understand
that is not the case, but it does not explicitly state that extra power
be used to increase the number of dice per shot.

Brian Bell	   

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> Bell, Brian K wrote:
> >A pseudo-errata for Fleet Book 2:
> >
> >Sa'Vasku Stingers. Most of us have read More Thrust and expect the
> >Stingers of the FB Sa'Vasku to do more damage as you add power to it
> >(like the Energy Pulse did for the MT Sa'Vasku). However, this is
> >implied, but not spelled out in FB2.
> > 
> >Implied statements:
> >	"The Stinger Node is the Sa'Vasku equivalent of a standard FT
> weapon, except that its output is variable according to how much
> is allocated to each shot"
> >	"Example 1: A Sa'Vasku ship has 6 PP available for a stinger
> if it was to engage a target within 12 mu, it would get to roll 6
> >at up to 24 mu, 3 dice; and up to 36 mu 1 die only"
> > 
> >But, excluding the examples, it only addresses the power cost of
> >for a 1 die shot. It does not address the power cost for increasing
> >damage at a	given range.
> It gives you the power cost of each separate die at each range. The
> cost of firing 2 dice at a given range is 2x the cost of firing 1 die
> at that range; the cost of firing 3 dice at a given range is 3x the
> cost of firing 1 die at that range, etc.
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