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RE: The dreaded parity thing (again)

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Date: Wed, 7 Jun 2000 06:51:10 -0400
Subject: RE: The dreaded parity thing (again)

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> Subject:	The dreaded parity thing (again)
> OPIONION ALERT: If you can't agree to disagree on matters of opinion,
> please don't read this.

> OTOH, there's zero-average balancing. That means to take advantage A,
> must take disadvantage B. An average combatant, while outclassed in A
> a perfect opportunity to exploit B (i.e. you don't need a specialized
> B-exploitation design).
> How does this apply to FT? Benchmarking. Lacking anything else, we
> call the "official" FB designs the benchmark. (Sorry, ship registry --
> electronic only doesn't count)
[Bri] Exactly right. The FTSR is not meant to replace the fleet books,
to suplement them. The ships in Fleet Book 1 & 2 (including the
mentioned in the text, but without SSDs) should be used as a benchmark.

> Thus, any kustom killa design should have a reasonable counter in the
> published official designs. 
> If there isn't, soon all you see is everyone flying kustom killa's of
> their own and one begins to wonder what's the use of the "official"
> designs? Examples of bad designs? A way to spank newbies? 
> (Car Wars used to have this problem. You just couldn't compete with a
> sheet car. I could also mention a previous edition of a certain space
> combat game, but shall leave it unnamed...)
[Bri] And Battle Tech, and most other games that offer "official"
and a custom design section. "Official" designs tend to be more
multi-purpose and usually are not built to exploit a particular system
rule. Custom designs sometimes are built to this purpose.


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