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Re: FB2... hmmmm...

From: "Laserlight" <laserlight@q...>
Date: Tue, 6 Jun 2000 21:34:11 -0400
Subject: Re: FB2... hmmmm...

>While I believe that you know what you're talking about, why
does saying
>I'm 1200 mass automatically make you a battleship????

It doesn't, though, it makes you an UberDreadnought.  Or an

> > and (b) just about any fleet that has either
> >cloaking escorts or stiff, fast cruisers equipped with enough
needle beams
> >to make sure that your drives are prohibitively unlikely to
survive the first
> >pass.

>OK I really only put the 1200 mass with PDS/class 1s as a
rather extreme
>(though probably not very useful, come to think of it) example,
but for
>arguments sake lets stick with it. Now I'm not trying to be a
pain in the
>ass here (and now I promptly proceed to be just that sorry),
but if I'm all
>class 1s what have my drives got to do with anything? If I've
guessed awful
>wrong and you've got all little escorts and I've got the beam
behemoth from
>hell then you're going to be so much faster than me in the
first place
>there's no point chasing you so I can't see any tremendous
impact in taking
>out my engines as I've got 360 deg arcs.
> >Perhaps not.  But with 15 needle beams, that's two and a half
hits per turn.
> >Point that at a conventional capital ship and their fire
controls probably
> >will not survive more than two or three turns of sustained
>Mmmm definitely not in our camp Indy, he actually thinks we'd
hit at all
>with 15 needle beams ;)

You'd probably get a hit, in two or three turns, Beth.

>They have their places, does come down to who you're playing
>against beams and PBs double screens can be particularly
frustrating for
>your attacker to encounter... imagine Laserlight or our man
Teske trying to
>PB a double screen fleet to death.... ;)

GZG Eact V:
In this corner: Laserlight and Aaron, both armed with PBLs only
and heavily armored;
In that corner: Beth armed with SML and Indy armed with PTs, all
ships screen-2.

"Are they still playing that from last year?"
"Yeah. I think they're going for the Carter Island award."
"Anyone go take a threshold yet?"
"Yeah, one of Indy's ships."
"Aaron finally rolled 4's?"
"No, Beth accidentally hit him with SM's."

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