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RE: WoTC buyout of LUG

From: aebrain@d...
Date: Wed, 7 Jun 2000 00:09:11 GMT
Subject: RE: WoTC buyout of LUG

>Other thoughts, with LUG and their Star Trek license and WotC and their

>Wars license and their new D20 open format game rules with D&D 3rd

>will we be able to have vulcan jedi?

Or Half-Vulcan jedi magic-user ninja paladins.... the horror...the

Then again, in 76 the Elves in my campaign wore black uniforms,
jackboots, silver
lightning flashes at the collars, had "cloaking devices" and were
subject to
Pon f'Far.
And the Orcs very very occasionally had AK-47s. (This was just before
publication of Chairman Bolg and the Orcish Revolutionary Coalition,
, it was an idea whose time had come. And pre-dated Citadel/GW's 'Space

And the Kobolds hearkened back to a distant past where their
once struck terror into the Federation.

And all of this is written up in various copies of Alarums and
Excursions Magazine.
Which is till going... No 50 was an Australian "Coup d'APA" with about
45% Australian

But I really digress.

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