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Re: Babylon 5 Wars Fleet Action review

From: Michael Llaneza <maserati@f...>
Date: Tue, 6 Jun 2000 07:35:19 -0700
Subject: Re: Babylon 5 Wars Fleet Action review

At 8:35 AM -0400 6/6/00, Tom.McCarthy wrote:
>On p. 88, a few lines below "Desinged and written by: Robert Glass"
>find the following:
>"We would like to thank the following playtesters and any whom we may
>missed for their contributions to producing the game:"
>  and then a list which includes Michael Llaneza  in the second column
>Matthew Seidl in the fifth column.

Cool, my name in lights again.

>I really wasn't taking a shot at these guys, just expressing ( in an
>fashion ) my belief that you two could explain things much better than
>author, Robert Glass, did.

I'm in tech support. Fixing things is the unusual part of my job; my 
primary function is to meet Miss Finland, er... helping people use 
their computers better. Which is a task that comes with a lot of 

That, and the editorial experience (an editors job is to turn what 
the writer said into what the writer meant).

I'm happy for the credit, but I'd rather Rob took more of my

>I have been through some playtest experiences (B5Wars and Fleet Books I
& II
>most directly), so I know a bit about how errors slip through. Still, I
>it hard to believe that many errors could slip through unless the
>playtesters were either flooded with info or ignored when the final
>was produced (and I know B5Wars was improved by playtest, so I have to
>assume Fleet Action was, too).

Rob has issued another apology in response to the clamour on the FA 
list. I'm waiting for the revised printing.

Michael Carter Llaneza
Veteran, Bermuda Triangle Expeditionary Force, 1991-1950
Devolution is very real to me.
Whenever I hear the "Odd Couple" theme, I get this image of Dennis 
Rodman borrowing Marge Schott's toothbrush.
Like most emails, this one is probbaly a first draft

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