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[DS/SG]Strategic Dirtside/Stargrunt

From: "Denny Graver" <den_den_den@t...>
Date: Wed, 31 May 2000 16:14:43 +0100
Subject: [DS/SG]Strategic Dirtside/Stargrunt

Subject: Re: [DS/SG]Strategic Stargrunt

> Jon Davis wrote:
>  It may make more sense to convert SG & DS to a "hex" based game for
>  purposes of mapping and movement.

True. As long as each unit has a finite position I'm happy.  Although
could quite happily play without a hex grid using the clock face or
directions for movement.

>These games have not lent themselves
> to be done via PBeM, but that just means that the list hasn't figured
> out the best way to do it yet.

Thats what I intend to do :).

DS seems to be the most easily adapted, although SG could work as well.

The way I see it, to reflect the tabletop game you would need to play
unit/element activation at a time.  It would be slow in some ways as the
enemy can react with opportunity fire, but if executed well would be a
game  - assuming players responded with turns quickly that is.	Dealing
one unit at a time would be GM friendly and allow the battle to pan out
the same way as a tabletop game.  I would also avoid reams of

> Robert W. Hofrichter
> My site has several TO&E (<SNIP>
> Oh yes, the address is
> Good luck.

Thanks, page now book marked - Mine... All mine Bwaha ha haaa! :)

> Indy wrote:
> Serendipitously funny, I was just reviewing my old notes from long
> ago on this topic this morning (okay, old notes in my head, not on
> a piece of paper; otherwise they'd've gotten kinda soggy in the
> and was rethinking that a graph paper-based map would be better (then,
> depending on the resolution you wanted to have, you could either
> where the center of a given unit is, or where each individual element
> said unit is).

Yup.  When I looked at the idea back in 98' I figured each squad/section
would be centred on the commander with all squad members plotted
relative to
This could be varied by unit configuration, column, line, wide open
etc. so exact position could be worked out at a moments notice.

>  Needs more tweaking/thought, but I don't have time right at the
> moment other than for sporadic flares of impulsed thoughts.  :-/

Its the flares we all look for in life ;D

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