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From: "Dean Gundberg" <dean.gundberg@n...>
Date: Wed, 31 May 2000 08:38:18 -0500
Subject: RE: Measuring things...

As the person who wrote the original Tourney rules that included the
against premeasuring, I better comment.

At the time I initially wrote the rules 3+ years ago, my understanding
that for most miniatures games, pre-measuring was not allowed, so I
this rule.  It was after this that this topic first came up on this

In the 2 tourneys that have been held at GenCon, this rule has not been
problem.  I have seen players pre-measure and no one has said anything.
Overall I do see it more as a guideline to keep things flowing so the
does not bog down since each game match needs to be finished in less
than 2

My personal feelings are mixed.  Sure the tech should be there for
to know exactly how far away other ships are and where they probably
will be
next turn, but then there is the fog of battle where even the most
things can be missed and I like the uncertainty of declaring fire before

So if the rule is questioned at this year's tourney, I will probably
that the no-premeasuring is a guideline to speed up the game, though if
is OK with your opponent you can pre-measure if it does not delay the

Dean Gundberg

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