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Re: Measurements...

From: Indy <kochte@s...>
Date: Wed, 31 May 2000 09:26:24 -0400
Subject: Re: Measurements...

Mikko Kurki-Suonio wrote:
> Beth,
>  Yes, you are right. It's about the time it takes.

It is interesting to note how some people feel pre-measuring is a
time-consumer. I can see where it could be, but in my experience
this has never really been an issue. In all the games I've ever
run or played in, pre-measuring has been allowed. People I have
played with apparently are reasonable in this. They either measure
a group of ships to another group of ships (and not each and every
individual ship to each and every individual opposing ship), or just
do a few measurements to get an idea of things (if Ship A and Ship C
are within 20 mu of Target Ship Alpha, and Ship B and Ship D are
between Ships A and C, no need to measure Ships B and D, right?
everyone's within the second range band; only expection to this
would be if SHip B or D was using a weapon, such as a pulse torp,
which would change the hit %age depending on the range within the
gross range bands of beam weapons).

Another thing I've found so far with pre-measuring is that people
are aware it could potentially take a lot of time, so people DO
do it quickly. I think I've only had to ask the players to speed
it up a little twice over the years when I've ref'd a game and
the pre-measuring was taking a little longer than what I have come
to consider normal. And the people were happy to comply.

>  As tournaments go, you MUST plan for the <insert demonic figure of
> choice> showing up and doing absolutely *everything* you thought no
> would but isn't actually forbidden in the rules.

I try to plan for that at all times, not just in tournaments. I actually
sometimes look forward to that, because it can show you things you never
thought of before (good or bad, whichever it is). 

>  Bonus points for those who noticed the crooked dice "hint". But
> sheets went unnoticed, no?

Not unnoticed. Just hadn't responded or said anything yet.

Whenever I've run a scenario, I almost always provide ship sheets for
the players. It's not so much as to prevent the crooked ship sheet
(which I honest have never encountered, but it doesn't mean that someone
somewhere isn't doing it) but to make it easier for the players to jump
in a game without worrying about what ship sheets to have available.

Anyway, my two cents on the matter. For what it's worth.


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