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Of questionable nationality.... [mostly OT]

From: "Thomas.Barclay" <Thomas.Barclay@c...>
Date: Wed, 24 May 2000 11:40:35 -0400
Subject: Of questionable nationality.... [mostly OT]

Corey spake thus:

As a Canadian, I object ot your statement that Canada is the land "God
to Kain." I live in the only livable portion of the country, unless of
course, you like snow. That is Victoria in British Columbia of course.

** Corey, are you sure you're a Canadian? How can you say "unless of
you like snow."? Any proper Canadian can't conceive of a year passing
without at least six months of winter, white stuff up over the height of
front door, and hockey for at least nine months of the year. Heck,
all that snow and subzero temperatures, how would I dogsled to work in
Nation's Capitul, Inuvik? And if it got too warm, my Igloo might melt
soaking all of my monopoly money. Sheesh. You sound more like a
Californian than a real frozen-to-the-ice Canuck. 

<I'm kidding! Victoria is a nice place :) > 

I concur with your objection to calling Canada the land God gave to
Anyone who has seen the Alberta and BC Rocky Mountains, Long Beach on
Vancouver Island, The Thousand Islands, Radium Hot Springs, Copper Lake,
Fraser River, Drumheller, The Rideau Canal System, or any of the other
wonders of Canada (many of which are natural) would certainly not call
the land God gave to Caine. We've a wonderfully variable climate (not
like some places that are twenty odd degrees C all year round), not much
that is lethal (unlike Oz, in Canada most small creatures ARE safe to
- its the big ass ones you have to fear), and a reasonably disaster free
environment - few tropical storms, only a small number of tornadoes, not
many dangerous earth tremors, and only the occasional flood. 

All in all, not the land God gave Caine. More like the second largest
country in the world, the first nation of hockey, and the best part of
America (and no, my name isn't Joe....but I am Canadian and not one of
Vancouver Island softies... ). 


To put this vaguely on-topic, we keep hypothesizing that we're gonna
all these awful worlds where the mosquitos are lethal etc. etc. 

What about the chance we find that Earth like worlds aren't that
that hospitable worlds and compatible ecologies aren't that rare, and we
up finding places of bountiful resources, natural beauty and easy
habitability? No doubt these worlds would be keys to human expansion
space. And of course, fought over, as anything good in the GZGverse

:) Tom

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