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RE: [FT] Fleet Match-ups/Strategies?

From: "Brian Bell" <bkb@b...>
Date: Tue, 23 May 2000 22:47:32 -0400
Subject: RE: [FT] Fleet Match-ups/Strategies?

Indy has some fleet rosters at I do not know
he has play tested some battle groups against others or not. Indy???

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Subject: [FT] Fleet Match-ups/Strategies?

My surveys brought out something else. Has anyone put together a
manual" for new players? Has anyone put together a "favourite match-ups"
The reason I ask is that I've recently put together my Full Thrust page
I'm looking to add content. *S*

If such a beastie doesn't exist, I volunteer to put something like this
web site. All I need is some suitable expert commentary... Basically, it
should be of the form of hints and general tactics for each fleet.
techniques and warnings for each fleet would be appreciated.

Again, this is only if someone hasn't already done this. I was thinking
including cinematic and vector tactics as it's obvious that different
play differently in the two movement systems.

Finally, I'd like to match up the different FB1 and FB2 fleets. For
I'd like to say such-and-such a fleet is a good match against
this-other-fleet, but usually has problems with that-fleet-over-there.

Is there anything like this already?

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