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Re: (FB) More Ship Designs available

From: "Robert W. Hofrichter" <RobHofrich@p...>
Date: Mon, 22 May 2000 21:30:55 -0400
Subject: Re: (FB) More Ship Designs available

Dagnabit--I thought I had posted the up-to-date bitmap.  Evidently, I
the wrong one for the Indonesians.

And yes, I know about umluats (but since I didn't use them elsewhere in
page, I figured I shouldn't start on the ships either).

As for Morganstern versus Morgenstern, I picked the spelling up out of
old reprint of a Victorian-era weapons' book.  I will update to the "E"
spelling of course.

Regarding the other design snafus, I'll correct these hopefully by the
of the week.

As for the Kra'Vak launcher comments--I meant VERY confined, but since
of the GZG  figures that have missile launchers show an exhaust port on
back end, I'm not sure how accurate your assumption is that most if not
human launchers would have this capability also.  Additionally, I don't
folks developing more specialised rounds--I think the trend would be
very generalized sords of ammo--especially given the possible supply
problems that interstellar warfare would probably create.

Anyhow, thanks for the comments.


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Subject: SV: (FB) More Ship Designs available

Robert W. Hofrichter wrote:

>I've put some more ship designs (built using shipbits and kravakbits)
>for Full Thrust Fleet Book on my website--
>Just click on the Full Thrust Fun link then go to the Shipyard page.
>There are Indonesian, FSE, NSL, NAC, and Kra'Vak -style designs there.

>Comments, as always, are welcome.

You asked for it ;-)

Indonesian Commonwealth:

Dagger-class FF: leaves 2 Mass unused but paid for (your previous
Dagger design had 2 Class-1 batteries as well). If the unused Mass is
intended to simulate an obsolete design and not an oversight, I'd
suggest paying for them as for "cargo holds" (makes the NPV 75 rather
than 81).

Sumatra-class BB: 4 Mass unused, but even with these Mass empty the
ship costs 435 rather than 423 points.


Ki'Nik CL: Uses 4 Mass too many (58 rather than 54).

Tur'Nek: Uses 1 Mass too many (44 rather than 43).


Bermuda-class BC: 2 Mass unused but paid for as if they were weapons
(3xMass). See "Dagger" comment above.


Koln-class CH: Uses 2 Mass too many (79 rather than 77). The umlaut
dots over the "o" are missing, too (the German name of the city is

Morganstern-class BC: Design is OK, but I suspect you mean
"Morgenstern" (the medieval weapon) rather than "Morganstern" (poor
grammar for a star named after or claimed by someone called Morgan, or
something like that) :-/

I also found this in your SGII Kra'Vak stuff:

"Missile Launcher (Guidance d10, Impact d12*) HOWLER
This is the standard Kra'Vak light anti-armor weapon. It is very
similar in
design to Human GMS/P systems. One interesting difference from Human
designs is the use of gravitic technology to boost the missile from the
launch tube and then ignite the propellant. This feature allows the use
of the launcher from confined spaces, an activity that is not
recommended with some Human designs."

Define "confined spaces" :-/

If you mean shoulder-wide tunnels/tubes (eg. sewers), the inside of an
APC (ie., firing through the gun ports rather than standing up through
the roof hatches) or something similar, I agree - a grav launcher would
be better than most propellant-powered designs.

Today, however, "confined space capability" usually means that you can
fire the weapon from a room with a volume of 20 -25 m^3 (a fairly small
office cubicle) without harming the shooter, and I'd be very surprised
if any LAWs in the 2180s lack this capability. If there are any, they
will most likely be special variants of or ammo types for weapons which
normally have CS capability. Yes, a serious administrative SNAFU could
leave a troop with nothing but the non-CS types, but in this case the
troop is unlikely to have any ammo for their rifles either :-/


Oerjan Ohlson

"Life is like a sewer.
  What you get out of it, depends on what you put into it."
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