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Fleet Survey Response

From: "Thomas.Barclay" <Thomas.Barclay@c...>
Date: Mon, 22 May 2000 16:28:28 -0400
Subject: Fleet Survey Response

My fleet is quite a mix. A passle of old Traveller ships (which I think
just great!), a few Stardate 2298 figures (I think from RAFM or
originally) including some very cool looking freighter like ships and a
couple of awesome BCs, a single (I think) Entomalian, a few Silent Death
figures, and my Gurkha world fleet (A mix of ships from the sponsors of
settlement - 1 UN ship, a few NAC ships, a few IF ships from the Sultan
Brunei, and an ESU ship or two), and a bunch of SemFed ships, though I
purposefully picked the ones WITHOUT the long necks because I don't like
NAC. My Semfed forces include a BB, a CVA, some escorts and a bunch of
fighters - the idea being it is a reinforced carrier group with a bunch
assault transports and a marine carrier ship. I also have a few OU

Since I'm fascinated by various minor powers, I'm interested in fleshing
fleets for them (since I think they'll do more squabbling than the big
and with less optimized ships leading to more tactical possibilities).
include things like my own Gurkha world (Gorkha) and smaller powers like
LLAR, OU, etc. 

Design wise, I love the OU ships. I loved the Dreamtime paint patterns
have managed to cover them with too - those look super sharp. I like the
UNSC ships - they have a neat feel to them and I like the modularity.
the SemFed ships from Brigade (especially that BB I bought) are quite

My plans to expand my fleets once my RealLife(TM) gets settled down
1) More Semfed ships (a Wall of Battle).
2) UNSC - enough to put together a DN based battlegroup with transport
for a
ground force
3) An LLAR navy - some home brew ships (small, maybe using some SD
some ESU (under the theory that the ESU is likely to aide anyone who is
thorn to the NAC), and some FSE (under the theory that France has a
of selling guns to both sides in a conflict...)
4) KV - I've played them in the old days and done well. They were
overpowered. I'm interested to try them under "new vector". Though this
won't be a rush - my buddies around Kingston have about 20,000 pts worth
KV now. And lots of NAC too. 

Thomas Barclay
Software Specialist 
Defence Systems
xwave solutions
v: (613) 831 2018 x 3008

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