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Re: Campaign costs

From: Ground Zero Games <jon@g...>
Date: Sun, 21 May 2000 10:32:41 +0100
Subject: Re: Campaign costs

>So a "Competetive point system" is taking into account all the "hidden"
>costs of a unit?
>It does sound like a nightmare...

Actually, I think the two of you are talking at cross-purposes here. The
logistics issue is a valid one, but I don't think it relates to what you
were originally asking. As I understand what Mikko meant by
and "balancing" points systems, is that a "balancing" one is where the
points are strictly there to balance games, ie: as near as possible the
points cost of a unit reflects its actual capability in the game,
whereas a
"competitive" points system is one that actively encourages players to
to field the "best" units for their points budgets - ie: two units each
worth 100 points are not necessarily equal in their potential combat
strengths (though if the system is properly designed each will have pros
and cons that make it a valid choice under certain circumstances).

I'm sure if I've got this wrong then Mikko will correct me..... ;-)

Jon (GZG)
>Donald Hosford
>Nyrath the nearly wise wrote:
>> Donald Hosford wrote:
>> > "Competetive point system"?
>> >
>> > Could you discribe what this means?
>> >
>> > In my limited/simple understanding, points are used to buy the
ships I
>>use to
>> > try to bash my opponent's ships with.
>>	   I'm not sure if I understand myself, but I'll take
>>	   a stab at making a total fool of myself.
>>	   There is an old adage, to the effect that novice generals
>>	   talk about tactics, while veteran generals talk about
>>	   logistics.
>>	   This reflects the fact that making the battle plan for
>>	   the upcoming conflict is childs play compared to
>>	   support planning.
>>	   Trying to be sure that your ships have enough food,
>>	   water, air, fuel, ordinance, spare parts, medical
>>	   supplies, and toilet paper is a nightmare.
>>	   Wet navy fleets are more than half support ships
>>	   compaired to combat ships.  Fleet oilers, repair ships,
>>	   provision ships, and the entire supply chain.
>>	   Makers of interstellar combat simulations frequently
>>	   feel obligated to address this fact of life.

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